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tv   The Journal Editorial Report  FOX News  September 10, 2011 8:00pm-8:30pm PDT

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book early and save up to 20% at any holiday inn express. stay you. >> 10 years after the september 11 attack, former attorney general michael mukasey reflects on the nature of the terror threat today. and president obama lays out his latest jobs agenda. will any of it work? and can any of it pass a
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republican house? and rick perry's view the campaign stretches on. >> welcome to the journal editorial report. as america prepares to market the 10th anniversary of the september 11 attacks tomorrow and in the midst of new terror warnings, the debate continues over the nature of the al qaeda threat today and the policies being used to combat it, including those employed over the last decade by the bush and obama administration and by the new york city police department. michael mukasey is the former attorney general of the united states and as a federal judge, he presided over the prosecution of the 1993 world trade center bombers. judge, great to have you back on the program. >> good to be here. >> so, leon panetta, now the defense secretary, former cia
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director, said recently that al qaeda is on the verge of strategic defeat. how does that sound to you, plausible? and what does it say about the ongoing nature of the threat? >> sounds completely plausible. but rrettably, it doesn't say enough. we are not fighting a motorcycle gang called al qaeda with a limed bunch of guys with the -- [chuckles] >> jackets that say al qaeda on the back. as long as we get all of those, we are done. it's a very potent force. lots of assets. a great organization-ability, obviously a great stakes attraction, particularly when bin laden was alive. that said, they have been dealt an enormous blow, not only with the death of bin laden but with a cadre of operational people. a lot of their best people are gone. but al qaeda is not by any means a limited threat. >> so what have we done right since 9/11 to help us reduce the threat from at least some of al qaeda? >> a number of things.
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i think we have in place a robust intelligence-gathering system, thanks to congress and the bush administration. the bush administration pushed it through. congress passed it. our intelligence gatherers are more enabled today, certainly than they were on 9/11, and they have in place tools to use and they use them -- >> so that terror surveillance program, in your view, that was so controversial, has been crucial? >> it has been crucial. and it was initially implemented outside the foreign intelligence surveillance act, it was folded within the surveillance act and continues to this day and continues to save lives. we had an interrogation program ruby the cia that also saved lives. we scrapped that. i think that's regrettable. luckily, we don't need it as much today as we did then because we know a whole lot more about al qaeda and other organizations than we did then. that was done to gather inteltigence, a lot of which we already have. but what we don't have is a
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classified interrogation program that would allow us
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you have seen it from the inside and outside dealing with terrorist. what about the argument that you hear, we are a lot worse off in terms of civil liberties than we were 10 years ago because of all of the security we have had to doairports, surveillance and interrogation and patriot act and all of that. our civil liberties are as much intact today as 9/11. it is a great inconvenience and a charade of the airport searches. but you rarely hear people complain about that when it is going on. you rarely hear people griping about it. they put up with it. >> it is an inconvenience. >> that's correct. as far as loss of civil liberties. i don't know of anybody's free
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speech inhibited. many people speak about how difficult it is to speak. certain contradiction there and complaining how difficult it is to complain and fanitizing about the possibility that the f.b.i. is listening in on their telephone conversation. >> generally that does happen? >> no, it doesn't. >> if you have a warrant? >> yes, it -- if you have a warrant it does. there are 13,000 f.b.i. agents world wide. world wide, all of whom go to work with one thought in mind. the possibility of an attack. if you think they have time to listen to the peoples' conversations you are very much mistaken. >> when we come back president obama's job's plan. how much will this help the economy. our panel will weigh in next .
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>> in fact larger notion of refunding everybody's money and rewrite the rules and tell everyone they are on their own. it is not who we are and the story of america. >> that was president obama on thursday nighting congress to give government one more chance to save the ailing economy. included in the $450 million jobs act are tax cuts and rebuilding infrastructure and extending assistance to the unemployed. will it pass the house? joining us is jason riley and columnist maury ogradey. dan, just quickly, the quote from the president. do you know anybody that thinks that? >> i think one guy in a bar --
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>> i don't think that ron paul believes that. the light house libitarian. >> you know, he tried to give this serious speech and he couldn't help himself and he's listening to somethingment and is it for political affect or does he believe it. i think the answer is both of those things. he believes that the opposition position is dismantle everything and go back to survival of the fittest and he's the guy preventing that. >> not a good way to get bipartisan cooperation. >> this is a laser focus on jobs. he spent summer talking about deficits and spendings and i think to an extent it was applying to the base and a political speech. >> mary, on the substance is there anything there that would help the economy? >> i am afraid not.
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the one thing that i thought was mildly positive was the reference to the free trade agreement that he wants passed, but has not sent those to congress. the centerpiece was the pay roll tax cut. >> expension from this year to next year. >> it is temporary, we have to ask ourselves, will business respond and hire when they know it is a temporary cut and they know there is a lot of deficits and heel come out there and pay for and will individuals spend the money they save on tax cuts or deleverage their balance sheets. he threatened the rich again with higher taxes and i don't think that is overall good for restimulating the economic growth. >> it is if they hire people and some of the small businesses will get hit with a tax increase. a lot of small businesses pay
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under the individual tax code and they are going to owe 40 percent or so. obama extending the temporary pay roll tax . i was struck after the debate by the concil tory -- concilatory tone. >> what did they mention? >> the exof the pay roll tax. it is something that republicans pushed for in the past. >> i think there is a substantative problem in the center of the proposal having to do with taxes. he alluded to the tax rate too high. to pay for all of the spending, one of the ways is closing a lot of tax loop holes. they are the primary bargaining chip that you use in a substantative serious tax reform to get tax lower.
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whether corporate or individual tax rate. he will close up loop holes to get the spending through congress and that makes it heard to achieve tax reform for which there is bipartisan support. >> what are the prospects of getting it through the house. republicans like tax cuts. whether or not they are good or effective. >> certainly not the whole package. theya will pick and choose. house response was a political maneuver, because basically the president was saying i want to do it for the american people and they will not let me. he is trying to corner the republicans politically. we think there is reasonable things. >> they are not going to be cornered and part of it and call it a day. >> but the president is saying travel all of this and i will travel to your district and
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call you an obstructionist. >> the day after the speech he is going to eric canter and ohio home state of john boehner. >> if he carries the day on the debate? >> i don't think so. the first stim tim package was 8 billion and why have nine percent unemployment and downgrading of the u.s. credit rating. i don't think it will work. >> thank you all very much. when we come back, rick perrythe texas governor came out swing took on mitt romney. will his views on social security hurt him down the road? try root touch-up by nice 'n easy. to extend the life of your color. nice 'n easy has 50% more shades, so you can find your seamless match. with root touch-up by nice 'n easy.
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>> texas governor rick perry made his presidential debut and going on the offense again and fending off attacks from his chief rival. >> michael dukakis created jobs three times faster than you didment and george bush and his predecessor created jobs faster than you did. >> that's not correct. >> what do you think and rick perry's debut. >> in terms of rick perry's debut. he was focused on the primary voterss and he did a decent job appealing to him. >> what was the appeal? >> he had the rhetoric that he used. he picked fights with everyone on stage and forceful and he was - on >> gave a command presence. >> it came up in the debate. but it is a two-step process
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and primary and mitt romney is the most electable republican on the tage and i don't think perry did anything in terms of his performance to interfere with that claim of mitt romney. >> jason's point, what we are seeing with rick perry are the strength and weaknesses of governors who come in at the last minute. chris christi would have the same problem. peryechristi have been running their states and not thinking about national issues and in rick perry's case not thinking about romny's record. running for president is the big league and mitt rom no is the most confident big leaguer on the stage. perry may get there eventually. he held his own in the debate. but he will have to go deeper on national issues and romny's record. >> on the jobee point which is the number one issue for most
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americans in every poll he can talk about that and massachusetts versus texas comparison. >> he defended his record well . the moderators asked him about the fact that you know, texas is a low income state and a lot of minimum wage jobs there. >> did he defend himself well. >> he pointed out jobs he created majority are above minimum wage. i like the fact he didn't back down on controversial issues. i thought he defended his stance on the death penalty . whether you agree or not. he talked about the process and a lot of chances for people to appeal to higher courts and so forth. i thought he was principled in that. >> we have an exchange notable on social security. let's look. >> it is a ponzi scheme to tell our kids that are 25 or 30 years old today you paying
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into a program that is going to be there. anybody for the status quo, with social security today is involved with a monstrous lie to our kids and that's not kid. >> the issue is governor, by any measure social security is a failure. you can't say that to tens of millions of american on living on social security. governor said states out to be able to optout. our nominee has to be committed to abolishing social security as committed to saving social security. >> romny core points there, dan. >> he did score the same point that barack obama will score against rick perry. >> he will have to run that in the nomination. >> that's the point. after this debate rick perry will have to come up with his answer to that issue. how governor perry are you going to fix social security.
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he said to the seniors, your social security payments are not going to be affected by this . that's true. all reforms grandfathered older payments to older people. that never sinks n you have to deal with that and come up with the worry of how to fix social security. >> romny unlike perry seems mindful of the fact that a republican is unlikely to win the presidency without florida . that exchange is an example of perry only bolstering rom no's claim that he is most lectable. >> you are saying perry cannot win the presidency and may win the nomination but not with the current views on social security. >> he will have to dial back the rhetoric. >> you can't call the ponzi scheme. >> i think people are stand're starting to understand basically that the whole thing is a ponzi scheme and if a
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candidate comes forward and can explain to them they will not change it right now. but change it for 20 year olds and if that system is not changed, the money will not be there when they retire. that is a matter of the communicating. i think someone can win on that. >> sophisticated rhetoric than monstrous lie. >> this is not a good environment to make that point. >> we'll see how he does. we have to pick one more break. hits and misses of the week. when we come back. [ female announcer ] firm skin would be easy without gravity. with olay challenge that. regenerist day and night duo. the uv lotion helps protect skin and firms during the day. the eam hydrat to firat night. gravity doesn't stand a chance. regenerist, from olay. ♪ anything, yes i'd do anything ♪
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>> time for hits and misses of the week. dan. >> paul, on iraq a big myth to the obama administration that let it be known this week that it is planing to draw down the troop level from 5000,000 to
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3000. the military thought it could go as low as 10,000. but 3000 troops in iraq is training exercises but they will be vulnerable and too few people to keep over there. i think it will have to be challenged by the brass. >> jason. it is a myth that the obama administration and green jobs agenda, barely a week after a solar panel company that received half billion of federal loan guarantees went bankrupt. the energy department said they will give more loan guarantees to two more of solar companies. the energy department is not a venteur capitol fun. >> myth for bob kraft. owner of new england patriots . he's recommending that the u.s. needs to get out of the mess


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